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Greetings. My name is Koriand'r, but please, for the sake of you and me, call me Kory. Daughter of Tamaran. Slave of the Citadel. Experiment of the Psions. Resident vigilante. I currently run with the Outlaws, Arsenal and the Red Hood. We're basically a team.
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– –– “Hello …” She hesitates, brows creasing in bewilderment. 

              “Have we met ?”


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Brows furrowed in concentration as green eyes regarded the dark haired beauty in front of her, flickering with recognition after a few moments.

                           ”… Mar’i ?”

jfc it’s been like 84 years, but my muse is back i think and i’ve missed roleplaying lori with a passion !! !!!! !

but i haven’t been keeping up on rhato, so if someone could update me on what’s happening that would be hella <3


It was time to animated Jason. Might as well animate his past, right? Right. Thought so! The not-so-dead-zombi-baby-bird.

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It was like arguing with a brick wall. Her stubbornness refused to be cowed or talked down. Jason didn’t doubt she’d tag along no matter how much he forbid it. His hand retracted, an exasperated sigh filling the air. “Fine. But we do this my way and Harper isn’t involving himself.” He stormed through the doorway, maintaining a tight control on his temper. He wasn’t happy yet the decision had been made.

Red Hood borded the stealth ship acquired from the alien bat that attacked Starfire months ago. He flicked on the controls, assuming his extraterrestrial companion would make herself comfortable. He punched in Gotham’s coordinates. The ship took off, moving towards their destination at a rapid speed. Jason stayed silent throughout the journey, keeping his emotion in check. Anger was his undoing. He wouldn’t let it get to him again.

The ship dropped into a quiet park on the edge of the city. Cool air kissed him when he exited. Gothic spires rose for the heavens. Gotham never changed. The vigilante regarded Kori. “He’s been in hiding ever since Batman stopped him in the Cave. Someone in the underworld will have heard something. It’s just a matter of separating the scumbags who’re willing to talk from the ones who’ve got no reason to keep breathing.” 

Kori dropped her arm at Jason’s reluctant acceptance of her request to accompany him — not that should wouldn’t have gone either way — but she found his agreement to be preferable.  “Fine,” she responded, stifling her guilt at leaving their other teammate behind. Roy would be upset — no, furious — when he found the two of them had gone on a mission of sorts without him, but Kori gathered that they’d already be in Gotham by then.

Boarding the ship after Jason, the alien seated herself quietly. She observed silently as the other fiddled with the controls for a few moments before the ship took off at a high speed. Kori could sense the anger ebbing off Jason in waves. Like radiation from the sun. She opted to remain silent for the length of the journey because of this. Jason’s anger unperturbed the extraterrestrial, but she knew when to let him cool off. To let him be.

The ship’s steady decrease in altitude indicated their arrival. Exiting the ship, Kori was immediately enveloped in the foreboding city’s crisp air. She gave a nod at Jason’s statement, green eyes surveying the large city beyond. “If we’re lucky, the separating of such individuals shouldn’t be too difficult of a task,” she said. “Is that where we’re starting then? Gotham’s underworld?”

"We’re bad, we’re good, we’re brave, we’re strong, we’re beautiful, we’re caring, we’re confident, we’re powerful, we’re skilled, we’re everything you can imagine and we’re the women of today"

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championtrainerred: "Yes, when a trainer catches a Pokemon, they store them in these Pokeballs so as to have easy access to them when they need them."

"Ahh, I see. So you are a trainer? And I assume you train these Pokemon to do battle with others?"


jason todd in the middle of the blackgate penitentiary yards, surrounded by people who want to murder him, reading his pride and prejudice paperback, no biggie ► part twenty-nine in a series of infinite jason todd


jason todd in the middle of the blackgate penitentiary yards, surrounded by people who want to murder him, reading his pride and prejudice paperback, no biggie ► part twenty-nine in a series of infinite jason todd

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championtrainerred: "Well, Pokemon are... How about I show you instead?" Red threw out a Pokeball, releasing his Pikachu. "This is a Pokemon."

"Oh! What a peculiar little creature," Kori said, surprise mingled in her tone as she peered at the Pikachu. "And these Pokemon just live in those little balls?"